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Procedures vary across the nation. This FAQ addresses the effective recovery of O2 /AF oxygen sensors. Below is a suggested format that could be adopted:

When the car is elevated to remove:

● Antifreeze ● Fuel (Gas-Diesel) ● Oil

● Oil Filters ● Transmission Fluid ● Brake Fluid

While waiting for different fluids to drain, a man will have time to cut the wiring harnesses and use a ½” air impact with a 7/8”  six point - deep impact socket to remove the O2 / AF sensors. Never spend more than seconds to remove any sensor. If one is difficult to remove, pass it up and go on to the next sensor. Recovering the sensors prior to the catalytic converter removal will save the additional step of handling the converter again for sensor retrieval. Some models have the sensors located on the exhaust pipe before and after the converter but most are on the converter itself.  

Parts removal while under the hood:

● Lead – acid battery ● Refrigerants (CFCs) ● Mercury Switches

If you are pulling the motor and the transmission, there are additional O2 / AF sensors located on the exhaust manifold which can be harvested at this time.