Here are ideas for packaging sensors in USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes to insure they are secure ~

* Use two boxes the same size and place your sensors into one of the boxes, then duct tape or use 2" clear tape to secure. Next, Place it inside the other box and cut a corner if necessary, then tape the outside box with clear 2" tape. By using two boxes and taping the outside and inside boxes we have not received any broken boxes in three years.  This is the preferred way of shipping boxes.

* Use a heavy plastic bag - enclose your sensors inside and tape. Then place the
sensors in the plastic bag into the USPS Flat Rate box and tape all sides.

* Use steel banding, placing two bands across the horizontal side and two across the box ends. For plastic banding, first, tape the box with 2" clear tape; then use 4-5 bands horizontally, and 3 across the box ends. The USPS will not accept 1/2 " steel banding.

It is important to tape or band all six sides of the box to prevent spillage. 

The smallest USPS box holds approximately 14 lbs and doesn't require as much caution as do medium and large USPS Flat Rate boxes.
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