How can you benefit as a scrap steel and/or metal dealer by generating scrap oxygen sensors?                                                                   
Scrap oxygen sensors have a value much higher than scrap copper due to the precious metals they contain. So here are
some ideas on how to profit from scrap oxygen sensors whether you handle catalytic converters or not.

1.)  Sensors generated by auto service facilities are either thrown in the trash or steel scrap bin. If you are buying steel or tin            scrap from auto repair shops or scrap operators that buy from auto service facilities, then sensors will end up unloaded   
,     at your yard.

      Additionally, muffler shops bring in muffler systems without the converters but many of the exhaust pipes still contain   
      sensors. They can then be pulled or collected by your yard personnel and brought to your warehouse.                 

​2.)  Posting that you buy scrap oxygen sensors will surprise most of your customers, since they will be unfamiliar with scrap             O2 sensors having values close to what you pay for brass or copper scrap.

If you are already buying catalytic converters or generate converters from buying whole cars, please read the information on our website at the DISMANTLERS tab to give you ideas on how to recover your sensors cost effectively.

Pricing fluctuates with current metal values.  Please call us for current pricing on small to large quantities

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