PGM Recovery Systems buys scrap automotive O2 sensors from retail and wholesale suppliers nationwide. Our company managers 
have a combined experience of over a century in recycling industries being knowledgeable in various scrap metal processing and precious metal extraction techniques. This expertise and our efficiency allow us to offer you the best values for your scrap oxygen/O2 sensor recycling.

Retail Recyclers

Don’t discard your scrap oxygen sensors in the trash or scrap steel bin. Let us process them, extracting the precious metals and paying you top value according to current market prices. All sensors must be whole or have the hex nut and cone end intact with the wiring harnesses removed before shipping. We accept retail lot sizes ranging from 14 lb—50 lb. Mail us your scrap sensors via the U.S. Postal Service with a small size Priority Mail Flat Rate box for 14 lbs, a medium size Priority Mail Flat Rate box for 25-30 lbs, or a large Priority Mail Flat Rate box for 45-50 lbs. Your check is sent quickly…normally within 24 hours of receipt. We purchase from retail suppliers, such as new car dealerships, auto repair shops, smog shops and auto service technicians. Individual scrappers, however, can be retail or wholesale suppliers....depending on their volume. When you are ready to sell  an e-mail will be sent to you as confirmation of the price you will receive. Last, you will be contacted when your shipment arrives to give you the net weight of your shipment and that payment is being sent.

Wholesale Recyclers

Making PGM Recovery Systems your partner in oxygen sensor recycling can make a difference to your bottom line. Our volume suppliers include catalytic converter recyclers, auto core recyclers, auto dismantlers and scrap steel recyclers. Some send us batches monthly; others accumulate a quantity before shipment. In order for us to accept and process - all scrap O2 sensors must be DE-WIRED AT THE SENSORS with no extraneous steel attachments, loose scrap steel, metal, trash, dirt, etc. If you are a wholesale supplier shipping in Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes, we prefer 25-50 lb shipments.

Please inform us of the approximate weight your company generates or will generate over a period of time. We issue purchase order contracts; or as some of our clients prefer or we have you invoice us for the shipment. Your price is then protected from the date of shipment through the date it is received. Before shipping, click the SHIPPING tab to print a Shipping Label or labels and input your information. Then send via e-mail to: or Fax: 619-414-1279, and remember to place the label(s) into your shipment. This will provide us with your net shipping weight and payment information in order to expedite your settlement.

We accept lots in drums or gaylords shipped via common carrier or USPS boxes mailed to our facility. If desired, you can deliver with your own truck, however, please contact us before making a delivery.

IMPORTANT:  Due to spillage, when shipping scrap O2 sensors via the USPS - whether retail or wholesale - we
                        recommend that you use reinforced strapping tape or steel banding to wrap all six sides of the Priority 
                        Mail Flat Rate boxes. For additional ideas on securing your shipment, click on the PACKAGING Tab 
                        below. Priority Mail Flat Fate boxes provide a tracking number which will give you the date of arrival.

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