Q. How many scrap oxygen sensors make a pound?
A. On average about 6 sensors make a pound.

Q. Does it matter if some scrap oxygen sensors are smashed, bent or fractional?
A. It doesn’t matter if they are smashed as long as the ceramic inside hasn't fallen out.  Being bent doesn’t harm either; however, if they are fractional, then the hex nut and cone must be intact. The bodies of the sensors by themselves have very little value, so we don’t buy them.

Q. Why are there so few processors?
A. We have developed proprietary technology for the O2/oxygen sensor recycling process and platinum extraction, which is not available to our competitors. They would need to invest significant capital in developing the technology, along with specialized equipment. This has hindered the entry of companies into this market.

Q. Why is it necessary to contact you if I think my sensors contain more than 4 - 5% of sensors with brackets and/or the heavy reducers attached?
A. Sensors with brackets or heavy reducers recover about one-third less ceramic. Also, they make it more difficult and costly to extract the ceramic during the O2/sensor recycling phase.
Q. If I am shipping a quantity of sensors, how do you expect me to go through them and weigh the sensors with brackets/heavy reducers? That would be to costly and time consuming.
A. We don't expect you to do that. The reason for this concern is we have been offered drums of sensors with brackets and to us they have one-half the value of the other sensors we buy. Normally, they are Toyota or Lexus that have brackets, so, if you are accumulating sensors across all different models, this will not be an issue. The highest mix we have encountered was 6%.

Q. Why is it necessary to use reinforced strapping tape or steel banding on the USPS Priority Mail boxes?
A. Without using reinforced strapping tape, steel banding or something similar, we have received boxes broken apart. On rare occasions suppliers have lost 1-5 lbs due to improper packaging; in that instance, we sent pictures of the damaged boxes. Please check out PACKAGING ideas.

Q. Are air fuel ratio sensors the same as oxygen sensors?
A. Yes, they are located on the exhaust manifold and are the same as O2 sensors.

Q. Who pays for the shipping?
A. Our suppliers pay the shipping.

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